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Local Bookkeepers In Greenwich, CT And Serving The Tri-State Area
Serving Greenwich, CT
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Payroll Processing in Greenwich, CT

Process Household Payroll
Schedule weekly/bi-monthly or monthly transactions to be printed
Handle all withholdings, W-2's, Quarterly Earnings Reporting, etc.
Filings included

Perform Banking Functions
Handle deposits, transfers, wires, bank reconciliations and work with your bank/personal banker on any issues that arise

Expense Reports/Budgets
Send Monthly Register and Cash Flow Reports to you and/or designated persons
Will provide you with any report you request regarding your accounts
Come up with a budget for you and review it monthly, quarterly or annually depending on your needs

Track Insurance/Medical & Personal Lines
Review annually and address all insurance coverages
Compile medical claims to submit to insurance and or your medical claims service
Call doctors office to ensure proper insurance has been submitted
Deal with all insurance claims for auto, property, and all other insurance claims

Track Investments
Work with brokers and financial planners

Compile Tax Information
Track Charitable Gifts
Track any business expenses
Pay and track Real Estate & personal property taxes

Coordinate with Accountant
Work with CPA on tax planning throughout the year
Ensure estimated taxes are paid on time
Review completed tax returns